Recent News:

March 12, 2015: Gilbert's work "Porous silicon ring resonator for compact, high sensitivity biosensing applications" is published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics! (link)

March 5, 2015: Petr's work "Hybrid Si-VO2-Au Optical Modulator Based on Near-Field Plasmonic Coupling" is published in Optics Express! (link)

February 12, 2015: Dr. Weiss is selected as a member of the inaugural class of Vanderbilt's Chancellor Faculty Fellows program! (link)

January 28, 2015: Shweta's work "Total Ionizing Dose Effects of Silicon Ring Resonators" is published in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science! (link)

December 12, 2014: Shweta's work "Ultra-thin oxide growth on silicon during 10 keV x-ray irradiation" is published in Surface Science! (link)

December 5, 2014: Kevin passes his Preliminary Examination!

December 1-5, 2014: Gilbert and Josh present their work "Optical Microring Resonator Biosensors Based on Porous Silicon" (Gilbert) and "Nickel Oxide Nanoparticle Size Tunability through Mesoporous Silicon Template Hybridization" (Josh) at the 2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston.

November 19, 2014: Kelsey passes her Qualifying Examination!

November 12, 2014: Suruj wins third place for his "Memristance Phenomenon in Titanium Dioxide-Porous Silicon Nanocomposites" poster at the 15th Annual VINSE Nanoday!

September 4, 2014: Gilbert passes his Qualifying Examination!

August 7, 2014: Gilbert's work "Porous silicon Bloch surface and sub-surface wave structure for simultaneous detection of small and large molecules" is published in Nanoscale Research Letters! (link)

July 16, 2014: Kelsey's work "In Situ Synthesis of Peptide Nucleic Acids in Porous Silicon for Drug Delivery and Biosensing" is published in Bioconjugate Chemistry! (link)

July 16, 2014: Shuren's work "Enhancing the Sensitivity of Label-Free Silicon Photonic Biosensors through Increased Probe Molecule Density" is published in ACS Photonics! (link)

May 9, 2014: Kun receives his Masters!

April 1, 2014: Josh receives the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 15, 2014: Gilbert's work "A size selective porous silicon grating-coupled Bloch surface and sub-surface wave biosensor" is published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics! (link)

March 9-14, 2014: Kelsey and Gilbert present their work "Porous Silicon Functionalization for Drug Delivery and Biosensing by In Situ Peptide Nucleic Acid Synthesis" (Kelsey) and "Porous Silicon Bloch Surface and Sub-surface Wave Structure for Simultaneous Detection of Small and Large Molecules" (Gilbert) at the 9th International Porous Semiconductors - Science and Technology (PSST) Conference in Benidorm, Spain. Kelsey wins "Talk of the Day"!

February 20, 2014: Josh passes his Preliminary Examination!