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Meeting Schedule
Fall, 2006
Time: 2:00 - 3:00
Location: FGH 244

September 11 AI Prelims, AI course offerings & Meeting Schedule
Drs. Adams, Biswas and Fisher; Ashish Gupta; and Jason Tan

September 18 2005 AI Prelim presentations
Ashish Gupta and Jason Tan
Ashish's Prelim Paper and Presentation
Jason's Prelim Paper

September 25 The Discovery of Communication
John Wagster
The  Paper, the Project homepage and a Video

October 2 Brainstorming about Constellation Identification
Doug Fisher 

October 9 The Loebner prize and Chatbots
Christina Lee

October 16 Fall Break
No Meeting

October 23 TBD

October 30 Semantic Web?
Jana Wu

November 6 TBD
Sameer Singh

November 13

November 20 Thanksgiving Break
No Meeting

November 27

December 4

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