Student Project Listing 1996
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Student Advisor Topic Title
D Hammond
C Johnson
Dr. T Kopansky Redesign of a Touchpad System
S Palumbo
D Mikkelsen
missing The Sock That Fits Like a Glove
J Soto
A Tabdili
Dr. Ed Stone Thyroarytenoid EMG Analysis
K Bergh
E Cox
Dr Jane Park Ergometer For Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
D Mayse Dr. Ed Stone The Study of Vocal Usage in Normal Talkers Using the Vocal Accumulator 
M Freeman
E Holland
Dr. S Higgins Protovent
K Cooney Dr. R Roselli Development of an Undergraduate Lab for the Measurement of Optical Properties
R Hartley
B Pidwell
Dr. T Kopansky Head Support Design
M Murray
K Houndeshell
Dr. R Stone Voice Amplification System
B Roig
J Kabara
Dr A Bonds Temperature Control System for Reversible Inactivation of Corticogeniculate Feedback Pathway in Cats
B Belding
M Patel
Dr J Dawson Force Measurements in a Tibia Pin
M Austin
F Johnson
Dr D Quinn Pediatric Hematology/Ontology Patient Flow Process
V Koo
R Khurana
Dr. D Quinn Process Flow Analysis of the Vanderbilt Cancer Clinic
C Ferguson
C Rowe
Dr. D Quinn Organizational Evaluation: Division of Internal Medicine Patient Flow
J Dendy
S Smith
Dr. R Stone Endoscope Extractor
T Wharff Dr. T Kopansky Head Support Device
N Lintz
L Zupko
Dr J Dawson Biotelemetry used to Measure the Forces on a Spinal Nail
T King
M Neidhardt
missing Redesign of Gel Chromatography Data Acquisition System
J Spicer
B Hammons
Dr T Kopansky Sand Rover: Beach Accessible Wheelchair
K Davis
J Kao
missing Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Using a Photoresistor
T Everett
B Patterson
Dr P King Lower-cost Breath Detection Device
E Clark
R Collins
missing MRI Finger Tapping Device
Z Syed
E Keefer
Dr R Stone Audtory Perceptual Judgement