Miscellaneous, Mostly Safety Related Web sites

http://www.patientsafety.gov - "The National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS) embodies the Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) uncompromising commitment to reducing and preventing adverse medical events while enhancing the care given our patients. The NCPS represents a unified and cohesive patient safety program, with active participation by all of the 172 VA hospitals supported by dedicated patient safety managers."  - great site, good for PowerPoint discussions of techniques...

National Safety Council (NSC, US)  Very comprehensive, good statistics database for death & injury, etc.

Institute for Safety through Design (of the NSC)  - a now disbanded arm of the NSC, some good data here.

 www.eevl.ac.uk/ a virtual library from uk, see especially this link: http://www.vts.rdn.ac.uk/tutorial/healthandsafety for tutorials, links worldwide, pictures, etc.  Fantastic!

 www.safetyatwork.com/products.htm Fair links to a number of products for sale...

http://rac.alionscience.com/  Reliability Analysis Center, links to their work and that of others.

 http://www.enre.umd.edu/ from university of Maryland - good links to reliability & risk. 

 www.safetylink.com - TONS of safety links!

 www.femac.com about international compliance & standards, jobs in safety & QA, etc.

Safety Presentation Done by Sebastien Delayden and Vincent Goussen of ICAM (France) - click here for PowerPoint Presentation.