Personal Statement

    This is the eighth offering of the full year 272-273 biomedical engineering design sequence, design has been offered as a required course at Vanderbilt since 1991.  This course and its content continues to evolve, just as the field of bioengineering has.  (Check the archives!)

    I have enjoyed teaching 272 for all these years, the mixture of topics has been interesting to me.  I enjoy watching ideas become reality, I enjoy watching students take pride in their efforts.  It is doubly rewarding when the advisors are happy too!

    This class is required for ABET certification of this curriculum.  It is designed to be an in-depth exposure to the field of design in biomedical engineering.  For many of you, it will be directly applicable to your future career in engineering.  For all of you, it should be a useful and professionally relevant experience, no matter what final field you enter.

Paul H. King, August 18, 2004.     

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