Midterm Peer Review

XXEN 146 Principles of Design

Fall 2003



Due: October 13, 2003


Peer reviews are used to provide feedback to students as to how well they are performing on their project teams.  This feedback is obtained from fellow team members; not faculty or industry advisors.  The purpose of providing this information is to let students know how they are performing and allow time for correction of any performance problems or deficiencies prior to the end of the semester and the final peer review.  This information will also be used to determine part of your midterm grade.  Please carefully complete the peer review forms.  Your feedback will be very helpful to your team members. 


The completed peer review forms will be given to your faculty project advisors.  To ensure confidentiality, advisors will share summary information contained in them with each team member, not the actual completed forms.  Students should use the feedback received from their advisors as a tool to help identify areas of their performance that need improvement.



1.                  Submission Rules:

        Due by 5:00 pm, Monday, October 13.

        Turn in review forms to the Biomedical Engineering Department Office, Room 206 Olin (place in boxes for BIEN/MEEN/INEN/EECE/COEN).

         Late evaluations will reduce your course grade.

        You are required to complete performance summaries for all group members, excluding yourself.  Be sure to duplicate the necessary forms prior to marking them.


2.         Performance should be evaluated using the performance indicators shown in the chart below:








Greatly exceeds expectations on challenging work


Consistently accomplishes far more than expected


Performs to expectations, meets minimum requirements


Sometimes meets minimum but requires improvement


Unsatisfactory performance, deficiencies



Performance Summary

Group Members – Part I

(complete separate forms for all team members, do not evaluate yourself)


Evaluation Date:   _____________________________            Group #:   ___________________


Name of Evaluator:  ___________________________             Project Advisor(s):____________________


Name of Person Being Evaluated:  ______________________________________



Skills and Behaviors








Sometimes meets req’s.

Meets req’s.

Consistently exceeds

Greatly exceeds







Decision Making






Time Management






Problem Solving






Technical Knowledge






























Written Communication






Oral Communication






Gets Results/Contributes







OVERALL SCORE:    ____.____                  Score must be between 1 and 5.  It should represent your assessment of this individual’s overall project performance (with relative weights for each category above assigned as you deem appropriate).                          


1.                    What is the overall level of performance you observe from this individual (e.g. accomplishments, contributions to project, etc.)?







2.                    What are his/her strengths?








3.                    In what areas does he/she need the most improvement?







4.                    Have you noticed any improvements or decline in his/her performance?  Cite specific examples.