Homework 6  Due Oct 2, 2001

This assignment is in preparation for the lecture of Oct 2, 2001 by members of the firm Ideation International.

You may work singly or in groups of up to three persons.  One report per group is necessary.

1.  Review the web site www.ideationtriz.com in preparation for the lecture of Oct 3.

2.  Look at last years student team projects, find a project that interests you, do a brief written review of the group web section on the use of Innovation Workbench for their project.  (3 points)

3. Go to the list of projects for this year ( http://research.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/King/projects_proposed_2001.htm ), pick a project, do a complete analysis (all sections of the questionnaire, at least one line of text for each section )  of the project using Innovation Workbench.  Report your results, be sure to include your diagram for the process.  (7 points)

4.  Project 12 last year was considered the best use of the Innovation Workbench.  Persue this site and briefly discuss why this was so.  (2 points)