Homework 5 - Due 9/24/2002  Use of the Innovation Workbench


As was discussed in class today, you may work in groups (3-5 max) to generate an Innovation Workbench approach to a problem of your choosing.   The problem may be the one you are considering for your project, the projects discussed in class (Black, Doyle, Roberts), any on the proposed projects listing, etc.  The selection must include one or more conflicts or detrimental interactions that need to be solved.  Use the workbench at least to the point of selecting and choosing options for problem solution, as was done in class.

When you turn in your assignment, print out the entire workbench contents, being sure to include the diagram you generated.   Add a separate paragraph on your initial impression of the validity and usefulness of this software.  Be prepared to discuss your efforts in class on 9/24 with Mr. Bar-El of Ideation International, the developer of this software.