Course Structure

This course will instruct in the area of design in three modes:

1. by the introduction of structured and unstructured design methods,

2. by instruction and discussion of case studies, and

3. by the performance of a design project.

The class will meet twice a week for the majority of the Fall semester, lecture topics will be primarily from the course textbook, with a few outside speakers.  Lectures will be completed by late October, at which time a comprehensive final exam will be given.  By or before the conclusion of the formal class lectures by the instructor, students will select a project and an advisor.   Weekly after that each group of 3-5 students will meet with their project advisor to discuss project goals, progress, etc.  Teams may be composed of students from BME, ME, EE, and Computer Engineering.  Progress reports will be due weekly (time & date TBA.) to Dr. King ( web-based),  other reports will be due as indicated. Posting of deadlines and other communication will be done on the 272 web pages.  Spring semester will be a continuation of this project and reporting.  See: bme273.htm

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