Assignment 5 ISQ & Initial Problem Formulation

In groups of up to 5 students, complete step one and step two of the IWB problem solving process for one of the following projects:

1.  Fries proposed project 5 Localization of peripheral nerves using electroneurograph signal

2.  Fries proposed project 9 Emergency ventilator Project

3.  Drs. Larson & Morimoto's catheter design proposal (today's 10/5 lecture, also is on proposed project page)

4.  Any other topic if agreed upon by your instructor.

5.  Posted 10/2/00 New offering, the topic posted by Dr Kaiser also qualifies. 


Document your work by printing out the material you have generated.  If you can get beyond step two in your work (steps 3 and above) document this also.


It is anticipated that this initial use of the IWB will not take longer than a normal homework assignment, IF you effectively divide the effort and work together with at least one other student.

Due date:  October 12, 2000 (two weeks)