Paul H. King, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor of  Mechanical Engineering
Currently also associated with the BioInformatics Program.
Office:  Room 5819 Stevenson Science and Engineering Center
Phone: 615) 322-2201   
Fax: (615) 343-7919

Description of Research Program:

Dr. King worked with the Department of Anesthesiology on several projects involving the monitoring of data as acquired during surgery and in various intensive care units, from October 1981 until May 2002. This involved acquiring data from the various monitors in the room, adding drug, comment and other information, the keeping of a computerized record, and the analysis of real-time evoked potential and respiratory and cardiac signals. Most projects involved the development of artificial intelligence based programs for advising and smart alarm development. Related projects included the evaluation and development of other instrumentation for the improvement of patient monitoring. The long term goal of this work is the development of an individualized and effective patient monitoring and advisory system. Related work involved the use of a patient simulator system to train various personnel on a mock up of an anesthesia workstation, with simulated machine and patient problems.  Under development by three of his ex-graduate students is a Perioperative database system to enhance patient care and outcome research studies.  One ex student from this activity is on the Biomedical Informatics staff at Vanderbilt.

Dr. King's current work involves development of the design thrust of the VaNTH ERC in Biomedical Engineering Education.  His primary interests involve the undergraduate and masters of engineering design course and the application of computers to problems in medicine.  He is anticipating interaction with a to-be-formed patient safety division within Anesthesiology.  He is currently collaborating with personnel in the Free Electron Laser facility.

Recent Projects Included:

Development of monitoring systems for anesthesiology.
Development of artificial intelligence based advisory systems.
Safety research and accident prevention in anesthesia using the Human Patient Simulator.
Development of Clinical and Departmental Databases and Electronic Patient Records.
Analysis of electrocardiograms..

Current Projects Include:

Continued development of a design education web site for the VaNTH ERC.
Development  of a non-contacting breath detection system for monitoring of apnea.
Application and evaluation of concept mapping to student assessment in design.
Inter- and intra-university collaborations in design.
Rotating bed design for a monochromatic x-ray system for 3-D breast imaging
Medical device safety.

Books Published

 King, Paul H., and Fries, Richard C.  Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems, Marcel Dekker Press, New York, 2002.

Recent Publications:

Waitman LR, Fisher DH, King PH, “Bootstrapping Rule Induction”, Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, November 19-22, 2003, Melbourne, FL pgs. 677-680.

John Enderle, John Gassert, Susan Blanchard, Paul King, David Beasley, Paul Hale, and Dayne Aldridge, “The ABCs of Preparing for ABET: Accreditation Issues for Biomedical Engineering Programs Undergoing the “Engineering Criteria” Review Process”, IEEE EMBS Magazine July/August 2003, V22, #4, pgs 122-132.

Walker, J. M. T., King, P. H., “Concept Mapping as a Form of Student Assessment and Instruction in the Domain of Biomedical Engineering”, Journal of Engineering Education, Volume 19, No 2, pgs. 167-179., April 2003.

King, P.H., Fries, R.F., “Designing Biomedical Engineering Design Courses.”    International Journal of Engineering Education, Volume 19, Issue 2, pgs 346-353, 2003. 

King, P.H., Pierce, D., Higgins, M., Beattie, C., Waitman, L. C. “A Proposed Method for the Measurement of Anesthetist Care Variability”, Journal Of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, 16 (2): 121-125, 2000.

Waitman, L.R., Clarkson, K.P., Barwise, J., King, P.H., “Representation and Classification of Breath Sounds Recorded in an Intensive Care Setting Using Neural Networks”, Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, 16 (2) 95-105, 2000.

King, P.H.,  "Electrocardiogram Capture and Analysis", published in proceedings of the 2001 Annual ASEE Conference, June 22-25, 2001, Albuquerque, N.M.

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I normally teach: Our new Biomedical Engineering Design Sequence:  Fall - BME 272 1999 - Spring: BME 273

On demand & when time permits, I also teach: BE 312: Advanced Instrumentation

Recent addition:  Electrocardiogram Capture and Analysis - ES101_Section 6

I also team teach a freshman module on Entrepreneurship with Professor Clouse of Peabody.   See for information on Clouse and his work.

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