BME 272 Database Exercises

(all exercises are to use Microsoft® Access®)


  1. Generate a database for BME272 that sends a personalized letter to potential project advisors asking for projects. Personalize the letter by using the right salutation and by – if the advisor supervised projects in the past – referring to this past effort in an appropriate fashion. Sign the letter. [students with last names A-C]

  3. Compute APGAR scores for newborns, enter this data into a database, and generate an appropriate report signed with your name. [students with last names D-H]

  5. Generate a class list with at least 5 names on it, generate grades for 10 assignments, and generate a grade average. Report the grade for the correct student if a correct password is entered. [students with last names I-O]

  7. Generate the Reverse Engineering database for the cart that Dr. King brought into class. (See Ingle text, on reserve - Science Library, page 42).   Demonstrate use of the database, generate an example report. [students with last names P-Z]


Assignment is due on or before December 9, 1997. It must be demonstrated to the instructor or TA, a one-page write-up/report (or better) is mandatory. Use of the Microsoft Access tutorials and wizards is suggested…