Biomedical Engineering Design Links
(Undergraduate primarily)


The table below gives links to various University sites that were identified as having "biomedical engineering design" in the site as of November 1999.  This initial list was added to by searching the Academic Programs in Biomedical Engineering list at Purdue.  Schools noted with an * are noted by the Purdue site as having accreditation by ABET,  Please let me know if this site needs updating or revisions by sending me an e-mail  ( ) with the relevant information.  ( A complete listing of BME program web sites may be found at design links may be found here.)

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United States Links

University of Akron  Narender P Reddy
University of Alabama in planning stages, Fall 2001 may be the date for a design sequence for a new BME major Alan W Eberhardt
Arizona State * BME 417 Gary T. Yamaguchi
Vincent Pizziconi
Binghamton U.  see   (Part of SUNY) Kenneth J. McLeod
Boston U. * BE 465, 466 Biomedical Engineering Senior Project Ken Lutchen
California, Davis came up on search, but no course found  
California, Irvine BME181 - BME Industrial Design  
U. California, SanDiego* Bio 100, 186a,b,c    Program web site  Marcos Intaglietta
Carnegie Mellon  
Case Western Reserve * EBME 380 Design for Biomedical Engineers 
 frames,  search for BME, then 380
Hunter Peckham
Catholic U. of America*, BE 497 Joseph Hidler
Clemson U.  Peter L. Mente, Ph.D.
Columbia U. see 3910 at  Gerard A. Ateshian
U of Connecticut ESE Senior Design John Enderle
Drexel U. and search for design ...  
Duke U.* BME 260 Laurence N. Bohs
U. of  Florida EGM 4000 & 4001 Edward K Walsh,
Gale E. Nevill
U. Hartford BE 460 & 461 Ron Adrezin
Illinois @ Chicago * see 396 & 397  at  Terry Layton
Iowa State U.* see and /051:086 E. Dove
Johns Hopkins U.* BME 530.203,303,304 Nitesh Thakor 
A. Shoukas
Louisiana Tech * Follow links off of Steven Jones
Marquette U*  Jay Goldberg
Mercer University courses 487 & 488 at
 Aaron Collins
Memphis (UTM+UM)  
U. of Miami* BME 401, 402  Fabrice Manns
Michigan Technological University
Milwaukee School of Engineering * see  
for description, design goes through all 4 years....
John Gassert
U. of North California BME 440 & BME 460 Y. King Liu
Northwestern U. * Biomedical Engineering C90-0 - 20 David Kelso
U. Pennsylvania* BME 495-496 Senior Design Project D. Bogen, G. Buchsbaum, K. Foster
U. Pittsburg Jim Antaki
Purdue U.  
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute * BMED 4600 Design John Brunski
State U. of NY at
Stony Brook
BME 440 and 441 Glenn Gaudette
U. Rhode Island BME site some design is in the BME Engineering II Course  
Rutgers U.* 401-402. Biomedical Senior Design I and II T. Papathomas
S. Dunn
Syracuse University* BEN497-498 Senior Thesis I & II Gus Engbretson
Univ. Texas - Austin  - under development   Contact: Ken Diller
Texas A&M * 441 and 442 Analysis and Design  W. Hyman
U. Toledo Bioengineering Design Projects - senior year course Ronald Fournier
Le Tourneau University  
Tufts undergrad minor Vo Van Toi
Tulane * BMEN/ENGR 403-404 Team Design Projects I and II David Rice
U. Utah Bioeng 4201 and 4202 Ken Horch, Patrick Kiser, and Vlado Hlady
Vanderbilt U.* BME 272   and BME 273 Paul H. King
University of Virginia BIOM 453-454 Advanced Projects
Virginia Commonwealth University EGR 402-403 Senior Design Studio I and II  Gerald Miller
Washington University  
 search for BME 401 - design
 Joseph W. Klaesner
University of Washington Bioen 480W:  Bioengineering Research/Capstone Design Buddy Ratner
Worcester Poly. Biomed. Design Y. Mendelson
Wisconsin BME 200,201,300,301,400,402  
Frank J. Fronczak
Wright State * 491, 492 Biomedical Engineering Design I & II
 Yale University  Senior Project - BME 472  Carl Jaffe

Other than United States Links

University of Aalborg  Denmark, MS, PhD
University of 
Auckland Auckland NZ
Dalhousie U. BMNG 5110.03 (A) Biocompatibility and Biomaterials Design Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Dr Lee
Technical University of Eindhoven project classes, see  The Netherlands
Dr Ivonne Lammerts
University of  Groningen  The Netherlands
Imperial College  - new in 2002 Great Britain,
Dr. John Lever 
National U. of Ireland see  Ireland
U. Lueven (Biomechanics oriented) Belgium
U. of New South Wales Australia
Queensland University of Technology  Australia, Timothy Barker 
Technical University of Denmark Project Course in Biomedical Engineering Kaj-Åge Henneberg
U. of Twente The Netherlands
U. of Compiegne France

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Last update May 2005, over half of the above links changed in one year...  Many courses cannot be gotten to due to the use of frames or ASP.