I am pleased to welcome you to our center. Our mission is to advance the state of the art in intelligent systems through the research and development of intelligent embodied agents such as autonomous robots. Current R&D includes skill learning for humanoid robots, perception learning for mobile robots, and memory structures for task learning for cognitive robots.

Our center is collaborating with NASA-Johnson Space Center (Acquisition of Autonomous Behaviors by Robot Assistants), University of Massachusetts (Robot Skill Learning),  and The University of Reading, UK (Cognitive Robotics and Control). Currently we are collaborating with the Emergency Department in Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Triage robotic system design and development).

The Center for Intelligent Systems currently houses two research labs:
The Cognitive Robotics Lab and The Intelligent Robotics Lab.
CRL focuses on humanoid research, while IRL focuses on mobile robot research.

Labs are open to the public upon request.
We welcome your exploration of our research and projects.


Prof. Kaz Kawamura

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